International Center for Education

A new way of Education: ”learning to know”, ”learning to do”, ”learning to live together”, ”learning to be”.

Conform to the Report to UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century (1996)


what we do


  • We are actively aiming for global cooperation for new educational insights
  • We follow the way in which Education evolves at European level and act in accordance
  • We exchange know-how and expertise at international level;
  • We are involved in research projects together with universities and profile organizations;
  • We develop resources and innovative educational tools,
  • We stimulate/contribute to the international exchange of young people, parents and teachers as a tool for learning and personal development;
  • We apply for financing on different programs such as Erasmus+, Structural Funds, MTS Funds, etc. in order to be able to come up with free educational offers for beneficiaries;
  • We promote cooperation activities between public and private sector in order to facilitate the exchange of best practices, development of instruments for sustainable cooperation, increasing and consolidating the European and Global dimension in education;
  • We sustain the dialogue between persons and institutions with different cultural background while promoting European identity and global diversity;
  • We focus on 3 main training pillars:
    • Personal development – activities, projects and learning programs focused on the development of competencies, abilities, skills and attitudes related to socio-emotional, cognitive and psychomotor development;
    • Entrepreneurship – learning activities, projects and programs with a holistic approach that emphasizes the development of young people’s life and entrepreneurship skills so that young people become ready to enter the labor market or create their own opportunities and be agents of change in their communities;
    • Social Inclusion – activities, projects and learning programs aimed at empowering young people to overcome the socio-economic barriers they face.
what we do


  • we carry out educational activities for children
  • we offer professional support in the accomplishment of children’s homework
  • we organize summer schools for children and young people
  • we organize parenting events
  • we support parents and children through counseling programs
  • we contribute to the continuous training of teachers and trainers / youth workers
  • we plan training events such as conferences, workshops, round tables, etc
  • we offer consultancy in writing educational projects to all stakeholders
  • we are actively involved in research and development of educational resources
  • we encourage partnerships with and among the various educational actors
  • we actively involve children and young people from vulnerable groups in training activities / projects
  • we encourage performance through personalized study for excellence
  • we offer learning opportunities and conversation in English especially
  • we apply for funding and sponsorship in order to come with free educational offers
  • we encourage and facilitate educational volunteering as a means of learning, personal development and an instrument of active participation in evolution

Who are we

International Center for Education is an organization established in 2009, active in the field of Education, having the initial name of the Center for Education and Consulting Structural Instruments. Since 2012, International Center for Education has been a founding member of the European Non-Governmental Organization MV International (MVI), a global platform, a network of 37 European NGOs aimed at promoting the exchange of knowledge between educational professionals.


Our mission is to support Education and to contribute to the holistic development of children, young people, parents, teachers and other actors with a role in education, for harmony and well-being in society.

  • Challenge evolution
  • Educate spirits
  • Create connections
  • Inspire change
  • Sustain education


Targu Jiu


Main Team

Specialists from different fields such as teachers, trainers, social workers, psychologists capable to offer their support in achieving our goals.

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Carmen Seceleanu

Învățătoare After-School


Simona Stanca



Cristina Corici



Nicoleta Vladu

Trainer / Organizator Evenimente


Alexandra Babuca

Manager Proiecte/Consultant


Adina Vladu

Manager Organizațional / Expert Educațional

Extended Team

Collaborators, facilitators, volunteers (youngs 14+, parents, teachers) practically all those who are punctually involved in International Center for Education actions/projects.

Do you want to become part of our team?

Say YES to Volunteering!

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Why should I say YES to learning programs?

  • Meet young people / parents / teachers, socialize, establish friendship with both young people / adults within country and abroad;
  • Take part in international exchanges or training projects carried out by International Center for Education and funded by the European Union or other funders;
  • Develop your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills;
  • Improve your life skills and employability;
  • Develop your knowledge and skills in using ICT tools;
  • Acquire online promotion and sales skills;
  • Develop your emotional intelligence;
  • Discover management activities and business planning;
  • Experience teamwork;
  • Have fun in multicultural context;
  • Develop personally and professionally;
  • Discover your interests, passions and talents;
  • Improve your self-confidence;
  • Cultivate your educator/facilitator/trainer / youth worker skills;
  • Acquire marketing, organizational, leadership skills;
  • Improve your language skills;
  • Gain knowledge of new teaching methods and tools;

What does a learning program include?

  • Participate in international training and learning activities on different themes such us: entrepreneurship, personal development, human rights, art, environment and so on
  • Communicate and cooperate with young people / parents / teachers from other countries, exchange of best practices;
  • International research activities in different fields of Education;
  • International educational volunteering activities;
  • Promotion and dissemination activities, projects, programmes;
  • Organize training events: conferences, workshops, festivals, parties, etc;
  • Training and research;

How can I participate?

  • Apply to a Project/initiative by filling in the application form
  • Follow our newsletter and FB Page International EduCenter
  • Be active as an educational volunteer in order to increase the selection chances (ICE volunteers have priority)