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Join International Center for Education and discover together with other young people how you can improve your personal and professional skills. Do not miss the opportunity to get out of your comfort area and embrace new experiences in an international context, exploring new cultures and horizons that can change perceptions and mindsets.

Participation in learning programs gives you access to innovative methods and techniques that stimulate you, increase your confidence in your own forces and help you look at things from a different perspective. Besides, all this experience will contribute to your resume and will help you to stand out in a job interview.

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Personal development is a continuous process, focused on our needs, which supports personal evolution. Awareness of our own skills, values, aspirations and interests helps us to overcome immaterial boundaries. The acquisition of soft skills and transversal skills goes deep, feeds us and outlines  another definition of our own forces.

We grow beautifully, we learn to cooperate, communicate and convey what lies beyond words.

How many ideas do we gather in one year? How many of them could turn into a successful business? When passion meets the thirst for knowledge, any opportunity comes as a solution to our questions.

Entrepreneurship is essential in such a dynamic, changing and technological world. The exchange of experience and knowledge between those who have entrepreneurial initiatives leads to the acquisition and development of knowledge, skills and competences in this field.

In a highly unemployed society, the increased ability to identify opportunities and develop innovative business ideas is a real self-sustaining resource.
We invest our time, passions and resources in entrepreneurial ideas and discover that we are closer to what we have dreamed of!

We are part of society, but do we really feel that? Is this a real chance for everyone? Disadvantageous situations for members of a community can be linked to social, economic, educational difficulties, various disabilities, cultural differences or geographical difficulties.

Social inclusion comes to support or to offer alternatives by addressing or improving specific situations. We manage to meet the challenges and prejudices by relying on increased adaptability and social integration.

In the middle of society, we are looking for emotional balance, we encourage knowledge, understanding of fundamental values and rights. We are looking for good quality education and the same opportunities for all members of the community.

What do you want to be when you grow up? We have the answer to this question when we are young and then we grow up and we no longer know the way. But participation in learning activities in an international context can be a solution for developing knowledge about the European labour market, employability and vocational training.

We analyze the offer and make realistic career plans, in accordance with our own interests, skills, but also with the labor market requirements. Looking for a job is not the easiest thing, but it can be effective if we know how to use the necessary search tools. And if we have found our own career path and the desired job, we learn how and how much personal marketing can help us.

We increase professional skills and knowledge and acquire specific ablilities for a particular area of interest, all in order to be able to orient ourselves towards the desired career.

And you, what do you want to be when you grow up?

We are European citizens and that brings us close together. We discover things, we learn from each other and we learn about each other. We accept ourselves for who we are because we go deeper, beyond our image in the world.

We develop participatory attitudes and critical thinking that help us to get involve and engage in activities and experience. We have many rights, many unknowns, but also a number of obligations that will make us accountable to the status of European citizens.

After all, we are a big family who wants and can participate in the life of the community, reminding us that wealth lies in people, in diversity and in love.

Volunteering can offer you new skills, the opportunity of being with others,to have  fun,  to make a difference or contribute to a cause that you believe in.

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We support everyone’s initiatives and desire to improve. Join us on an intercultural adventure.