The Open to change project develops between 1.03.2020 – 31.08.2021 in international partnership with organizations from 4 countries: Romania, Italy, Lithuania and Turkey and is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + program, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships in the Youth Field.

The project aims to increase active citizenship and the participation of young people in community life.



  • International Center for Education (Romania)  – Coordinator
  • Oriel Association (Italia) – Partner
  • Tavo Europa Association (Lithuania) – Partner
  • Nevsehir School Inspectorate (Turkey) – Partner


The main activities of the project:

  • International seminar for 16 youth workers from partner organizations that aims to develop their skills and knowledge in creating an enabling environment for the active participation of young people – educational practices and techniques;
  • International workshop for 36 young people with reduced opportunities that aims to develop the behaviors of active citizenship and participation;
  • Local volunteer projects created and carried out by young people in the target group.


Open to change will develop the skills of youth workers to create mechanisms to support the active participation of young people, thus resulting in more effective and coherent educational programs in the field of human rights, active citizenship and social inclusion of young people in partner countries. The young participants in the project will acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to face the challenges and socio-economic barriers, they will become more aware of their rights and more motivated to get involved in volunteer activities and community participation. The project will produce positive changes in the development of civic education programs in partner organizations through the exchange of knowledge and expertise and will stimulate the development of local partnerships for the benefit of local communities.