Why should I say YES to learning programs?

  • Meet young people / parents / teachers, socialize, establish friendship with both young people / adults within country and abroad;
  • Take part in international exchanges or training projects carried out by International Center for Education and funded by the European Union or other funders;
  • Develop your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills;
  • Improve your life skills and employability;
  • Develop your knowledge and skills in using ICT tools;
  • Acquire online promotion and sales skills;
  • Develop your emotional intelligence;
  • Discover management activities and business planning;
  • Experience teamwork;
  • Have fun in multicultural context;
  • Develop personally and professionally;
  • Discover your interests, passions and talents;
  • Improve your self-confidence;
  • Cultivate your educator/facilitator/trainer / youth worker skills;
  • Acquire marketing, organizational, leadership skills;
  • Improve your language skills;
  • Gain knowledge of new teaching methods and tools;

What does a learning program include?

  • Participate in international training and learning activities on different themes such us: entrepreneurship, personal development, human rights, art, environment and so on
  • Communicate and cooperate with young people / parents / teachers from other countries, exchange of best practices;
  • International research activities in different fields of Education;
  • International educational volunteering activities;
  • Promotion and dissemination activities, projects, programmes;
  • Organize training events: conferences, workshops, festivals, parties, etc;
  • Training and research;

How can I participate?

  • Apply to a Project/initiative by filling in the application form
  • Follow our newsletter and FB Page International EduCenter
  • Be active as an educational volunteer in order to increase the selection chances (ICE volunteers have priority)