We grow, we evolve and we discover. With ongoing digitalization, we need other skills in order to meet the new challenges. We integrate technology into our lives and we develop. We are trying to save time and use every means at our fingertips to make this valuable resource more efficient.

Understanding these needs, we want to offer you solutions that support the journey and the personal development of each one. CECIS Webinars are online events dedicated to children, young people or parents through which we meet current requirements.

What are Webinars?

They are interactive events that take place online, allowing participants to register and participate from home or from any other place they are at the time. The purpose of webinars is to educate, demonstrate and train.

Benefits of participation:

  • you can take part from anywhere
  • save time and money by going to the location and back
  • you have practical and concrete approaches
  • flexibility
  • interaction is more comfortable in opposition to face-to-face interaction
  • where emotions and shyness can occur
  • variety of topics covered

Waiting for you on our next online Webinar!